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Welcome to Health Blocks
Welcome to the project overview of Health Blocks. Learn what Health Blocks is all about and what we are aiming to achieve.
Health Blocks is an ecosystem built on top of IoTeX blockchain that helps people to regain control over their consumer health data and valorize it the way they see fit. We believe there's only one rightful owner of (health) data and that's the user! Besides data ownership we are also strong believers in the potential of data for preventative and predictive healthcare enabling the next leap in healthy life span. Health Blocks is the trusted partner to generate, store, exchange and analyze consumer health data.
We encourage users to venture on a personal journey to discover the value of lifestyle and health data. With Health Blocks you can save your consumer health data in one secure place, work on your personal health goals, earn money with your data and contribute to global health research. All in a privacy preserving fashion.
Live, learn, earn and contribute!
You can find the following information on our project:
  • Our vision: Redefining health in healthcare
  • Health Blocks ecosystem
  • Tokenomics
  • Roadmap
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