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It's HealthBlocks mission to improve healthy lifespan around the globe. We strongly believe in the power of data in the light of preventative and predictive healthcare. However, generating and owning health data doesn't neccesarily increases healthy lifespan. The potential lays in the utilization of the data. That's why we want to provide the infrastructure that makes data analysis possible but even more so provide health services that help users stay healthy throughout their lives!

Data analysis

How can health data help users to better understand their own body and mind? How can we determine in which direction a users health is developing in the short- and long term? These are the central questions which we keep on asking ourselves during the development of HealthBlocks.

We start simple by visualizing the data that is collected in a Health Profile. Along the way we want to deepen the analysis on the data that is generated. Our analysis will focus on prevention and prediction so users get tools to increase their chances on more healthy years.

Health services

To make real impact on healthy lifespan the HealthBlocks ecosystem will offer health services. Users can actively work on their health and create a personalized digital health experience. Services provided on the network can be plentyful and focussing on different aspects of health, for example:

  • Telehealth consult with a HealthBlocks expert - Getting data driven advice from a licenced expert (doctor, dietian, psychologist, mental coach, physical therapist) during a videocall.

  • Pick your own AI - Data services that give personalized advice based on your data, from sleep coaching to personalized work out schedules and personal nutritional advise.

  • Testing and bio analytics - More in depth health data that can enrich a Health Profile like blood testing, DNA profile, microbiome analysis.

  • Digital health programs - Join specific programs to prevent or treat (lifestyle related) diseases like diabetes type 2, obesity, mental health, etc.

The HealthBlocks ecosystem facilitates the opportunity to share a holistic image of a users health and lifestyle. The service provider will not run in the blind anymore like current healthcare providers. It would be expected that this will improve the quality and impact that the services have on long term health.

HealthBlocks also offers great opportunities for service providers that will join the ecosystem. From doctors who can do telehealth consult to developers and AI builders can all contribute to the ecosystem. They are rewarded for their services and can use the HealthBlocks ecosystem as a revenue stream.

Global health ecosystem

Healthcare systems around the globe are unsustainable and facing great challenges. One of those challenges is the tremendous amount of people with chronic illness due to an unhealthy lifestyle. Innovating in the healthcare space is very hard because of the rigid systems and difficulties with scalability. Every country has it's own healthcare system and it's almost impossible to get a solution to work in another country. HealthBlocks is different because we are not connected to a healthcare systems. Everybody can join HealthBlocks.

Health service providers will be able to offer their services to people across the globe! A doctor from the Netherlands can give a telehealth consult to a user in Brazil which will be paid with our token model. Making preventative health available for everyone and that's important because...

Health is wealth!

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