Health Blocks

HEALTH token

Transactions in the Health Blocks ecosystem revolves around mining HEALTH tokens by completing health goals. Note that we currently rely on API's from non trusted hardware such as Apple Health and Google Fit. In the future we want to facilitate a suite of trusted hardware devices to generate data. The tokenomics of HEALTH are still subject to change.

Utility of HEALTH token

The HEALTH token is a utility token that is used in the ecosystem for the following purposes:
  • Mine-by-activity: Users mine HEALTH by completing health goal
  • Governance: Stake and vote for the future development of the Health Blocks ecosystem
  • Data staking: Stake data in trusted data and activity pools and receive staking rewards (HEALTH) provided by data requesters
  • Pay for service: Users can pay for health services with HEALTH

BEATS Credits

Data requesters and activity pool initiators make use of a credit system. HEALTH tokens are converted to BEATS credits which will be used to get access to the data. The HEALTH tokens that become available in the conversion to BEATS credits will be distributed to:
  • Pool rewards: Rewards to users that provided their data in the pool
  • Ecosystem: Future mine-by-activity rewards
  • Foundation: Further development of the Health Blocks ecosystem
  • Burn: A small portion of the tokens will be burned
The ratio in which the HEALTH token will be distributed need to be determined.

HEALTH token distribution and release schedule

Below you find the token distribution and the release schedules. The total supply of HEALTH tokens is 10 billion. The private sale will be divided over several rounds. At least 20% of the total token supply is reserved for mining rewards (ecosystem).
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