Health Blocks
Our journey towards trusted data generation, storage, exchange and analysis. Step by step we will unlock the power of health data in a trusted and fair way.
The roadmap for the development of Health Blocks is still subject to change.
Phase 1: MVP - Q4/2021 Launching Health Blocks MVP
  • Launching MVP of HealthBlocks Dapp (Health Blocks Beta)
  • Connecting Google Fit and Apple Health with Health Profile
  • Beta users eligible for airdrop HEALTH by completing health goals
  • Visualization of connected health data
  • Road to 1k+ users
  • Private sale
Phase 2: Main v1 - Q2/2022 Launching Data and activity pools
  • Launching v1 of Health Blocks ecosystem
  • Partnerships with data requesters
  • Launching the first data and activity pools
  • Public sale (IDO)
Phase 3: Main v2 - 2022 Development of Trusted Hardware
  • Development of first trusted health devices
Phase 4: Main v3 - 2023 Launch of first Health services
  • Integration of Health services into the ecosystem
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