🤝Data exchange - Data & activity pools

Data pools

Trusted datapools are pools where users can opt in to share data privately in return for rewards. The datapool can be of interest to for example research institutes, commercial parties or used for the training of AI/ML models. We call the (potential) data requesters.

Data pools are created by data requesters. HealthBlocks users can opt in or opt out for these data pools at any time. If a user choses to share her data with the data requester, your dataset will be shared anonymously. There is full transparancy where the requested data from the data pool is used for.

A data pool can request specific data and not all users might be eligible to contribute. For example if a data requester requires blood glucose levels and a user doesn't have a blood glucose monitor. The more diverse and consequent data is generated by a user, the more data pools he/her will be eligible with and the better health services will fit for personilzed advice in the future.

Potential data requesters are:

  • Research institutes

  • Govermental organizations

  • Pharma/biotech

  • Insurance companies

  • Developers: training AI models

  • Commercial partners

Data requesters pay a fee to HealthBlocks for setting up a data pool. Healthblocks takes a small percentage of this fee and the rest is put up as a reward in the pool for data contributors in HEALTH and/or BEATS. More on this in tokenomics section.

Activity pools

Activity pools are created to incentivize people to get active and work on their health and contribute to a good cause. For example, a lifestyle brand like Nike, Adidas or Patagonia can put up an activity pool of running 10 miles with X reward for The Ocean Cleanup and X reward for HealthBlocks users completing the activity. The reward for the HealthBlocks user is an X amount of HEALTH tokens and possibly an NFT for completing the challenge.

HealthBlocks users need to sign up to the activity pool to unlock the reward by proof of activity. With activity pools you can earn additional rewards, support projects while working on your health, and earn neat NFT's!

With an activity pool we expand the exposure of HealthBlocks to different communities such as sportsbrands, insurers and other cool projects.

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