🏃‍♀️Data generation - (trusted) hardware

(Trusted) devices - measured

To load your Health Profile we support ingestion of data from devices that you currently own such as wearables (Fitbit, AppleWatch), smart scales, sleep monitors etc. Although these devices currently are not private by design, they are used by many people who enjoy these products. Until we have alternatives we allow data from these devices to be used in the ecosystem.

To achieve a fully trusted ecosystem we will require secure hardware. Devices that register verifiable personal-real-world health and lifestyle data, which you are the sole owner of. We have the following devices in mind for development:

  • Smart scale

  • Blood pressure monitor

  • Fitness tracker

  • Smart Watch

  • Blood glucose monitor

  • Sleep monitor

We will engage with our community to see which devices are most preferred.

By connecting your devices and apps you start generating data that is ascribed to you Health Profile. For doing so you will be rewarded in HEALTH tokens. See the tokenomics section for more info on HEALTH tokens.

Health Questionnaires - Self perceived

Besides data input from devices we also created the opportunity to incorporate self perceived health data. In the app users can play a daily health quiz in which they answer 4 questions about how they perceive their health for a certain subject. The questions and scoring is derived from the WHOQOL-100, an widely used questionnaire to assess self perceived quality of life designed by the World Health Organization. Playing the health quiz is also rewarded with HEALTH tokens.

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