Health Blocks

Health Blocks ecosystem

Our goal at Health Blocks is to provide the community with a fully private and trusted ecosystem in which you can generate, store, exchange and analyze your health and lifestyle data.
We will provide the following components in the Health Blocks ecosystem:
  • Data generation - (Trusted) devices
  • Data storage - Health Profile (Decentralized Identity, DID)
  • Data exchange - Data and activity pools
  • Data analysis - (Digital) health services
Interactions in the Health Blocks ecosystem are driven by a token model. We will launch our HEALTH token once we are going live with the main version of the Health Blocks app. More on that in the tokenomics section.
The Health Blocks ecosystem is built on top of IoTeX, a lightning-fasts, ultra-secure and highly scalable blockchain platform that provides the opportunity to connect real world data to on-chain Dapps like Health Blocks. IoTeX is on a mission to build a connected world where everyday people will own their data, devices, and identity. Learn more​
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