💪The Power of Data in Healthcare

Unlocking the potential of health data

Data has proven to be of great value in many industries, for good reason it's called the new gold. Also in the healthcare space the value and potential of data is enormous. Especially, in the areas of prevention and the treatment of lifestyle related diseases. Incorporating consumer health data through devices such as phones, wearables, smart scales, smart blood glucose monitors, etc. into the healthcare system will be a real game changer. With this data we can move towards personalized care focused on prevention and make a big leap in healthy life span. However, there are some challenges that need to be overcome to unlock the true potential of health data.

The HealthBlocks ecosystem is created on the new data paradigm and believes it will unlock the potential of (consumer) health data. We are building towards an ecosystem that let people be the owner of their health data and provide different ways to valorize it in the way they see fit. For that to happen we have to integrate new technologies for data generation, exchange and usage.

Data generation

If we want to get a better understanding of our health we need to measure and monitor our lifestyle and health more frequently. In order to do so we rely on devices and different applications. However there is a tendancy to stop using devices and apps after a while. We aren't incentivized enough or don't get enough value out of it to keep using them.

Another issue with the current data generation is that your data is distributed among different apps and device manufacturers creating data silo's. These data silo's are an inhibiting factor to unlock the potential of health data. Making the user the owner of the data, collecting all the data in one secure place and allowing developers to access this data with explicit consent of the data owners, breaks down the data silo's and paves the way for innovation in the healthcare space.

To solve the challenges regarding data generation there is a big opportunity in the emergence of trusted hardware. Devices with tamper proof hardware connected to the blockchain makes the user the sole owner of the data that is generated. Trusted hardware solves the problem of data ownership but even more so it improves the quality of the data that is generated and thereby increases the value of data sets. This is of great importance when data is used in an ecosystem such as HealthBlocks where it can be shared, exchanged and used for personal health improvement.

Although there are no trusted health devices available yet, IoTeX already proved it's possible to build trusted hardware with the Ucam and Pebble Tracker. That's why the integration of trusted health devices is an important milestone in our roadmap.

Data exchange and valorization

Another important reason to own your health data is because parties that currently own your data suchs as tech companies, device manufacturers and app builders use the data as a business model to sell it to third parties. Selling this data in itself is not necessarily a bad thing, what is unfair is that it is not by choice, people don't get compensated, it is not transparent with who or what it is shared and it's impossible to revoke your data at any given time. With the HealthBlocks ecosystem we empower people to valorize their health data in a way they see fit.

Within the HealthBlocks ecosytem you can exchange your data set with third parties through data pools without compromising on privacy and ownership. Third parties like research institutes, commercial parties or AI models can get access to data sets in a fair and honest way protecting the privacy and integrity of the data provider. The best part is, you get the biggest piece of the pie, in other words you get paid while contributing to global (health) research and innovation!

Data service

Altough we build the HealthBlocks ecosystem from a new data and tech paradigm our mission is to improve healthy life span for users. We do that by incentivizing healthy behavior and providing services that give a better understanding about a persons health and helps to improve their lifestyle.

Services provided in the HealthBlocks ecosystem create a personalized digital health experience. Users have the opportunity to share their datasets and provide a holistic image of their health and lifestyle. The service provider will not run in the blind anymore like our current healthcare providers.

Services you can think of are: - Telehealth consult with a HealthBlocks expert which could be a doctor, dietician, psychologist, mental coach, physical therapist, etc. - Data analytics: AI models that analyze your data and help you to get a better understanding of your health and lifestyle - Testing and bio analytics: Enrich your data profile with tests like blood test, DNA profile, microbiome analysis, to get more in depth insights in your biomedical data and be the owner of these valuable data sets.

A (data driven) journey

Adopting a new data paradigm and use that to build an ecosystem that improves healthy lifespan is a journey. Many components of this ecosystem are build with new technologies that hold great potential but also have some challenges to overcome.

We are well aware that we cannot close the data loop from the start because we have to rely on data streams that are collected and stored in the old data paradigm. However, our roadmap is clear and we will build the HealthBlocks ecosystem step by step making it possible for users to own, exchange and analyze their health data in a fair and impactful way.

Every download of the HealthBlocks app is a vote for a new data paradigm, with trusted devices and trusted services. With your download you support the development of an ecosystem that wants to create more health for all!

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